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Brampton’s Pride

BRAMPTON- A people-powered economy

Invest into Brampton Brochure
Invest into Brampton Brochure

With a population of approximately 523,911 Brampton is the 9th largest city in Canada and the 3rd largest in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Brampton is the second fastest growing city in Canada among Canada’s 50 largest cities, averaging growth of 4.2 per cent per year (or 18,000 new residents per year). Brampton residents represent more than 200 different cultures and speak more than 89 languages.

Adjacent to Canada’s largest airport Toronto Pearson International, Brampton is home to the largest intermodal railway terminal in Canada and has immediate access to an extensive network of trans-continental highways. At the centre of Canada’s major transportation corridors and located near the U.S. border, Brampton is within a day’s drive of 158 million consumers. Brampton has a successful, diversified economy and is home to more than 8,500 businesses. Seventy two per cent of Brampton’s economic base is comprised of service-producing companies and 28 per cent is comprised of goods-producing companies.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Brampton

1. Highest Quality Lifestyle Amenities

  • A great place to live with outstanding community amenities: 90 kilometres of trails and pathways and 400 parks; 120 recreation centres, specialized facilities that include ice rinks, pools, fitness areas, racquet sports courts, indoor soccer centre, curling rinks, ski hill, indoor tennis centre, seniors centres
  • State-of-the-art Brampton Civic Hospital, & exciting Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness (under development)
  • Internationally recognized fire and emergency services
  • Outstanding arts and culture scene, anchored by the beautiful Rose Theatre
  • A designated Safe Community by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • One Beautiful Historic Downtown and Central Area.
  • Wide range of housing, including condominiums, executive homes and estates
  • Modern shopping options, new investments at BCC and Shoppers World Brampton
Brampton Economic Overview
Brampton Economic Overview
Brampton Competitive Advantage
Brampton Competitive Advantage

2. A Convenient Location, Next to Toronto – Canada’s business, financial, media and entertainment capital

  • As part of the Greater Toronto Area businesses in Brampton have access to world class sports, entertainment and services

3. A Young, Growing & Creative Labour Force

  • 4.2 per cent population growth per year between 2006 and 2011 (4th largest population in Ontario; 9th in Canada; 3rd in the Greater Toronto Area); lowest median age amongst Canada’s largest cities (34.7 years)

4. A Prosperous Consumer Market

  • A designated urban growth centre by the Province of Ontario. Brampton has the 2nd highest growth rate among Canada’s 50 largest cities. An average of 18,000 people moved to Brampton each year between 2006-2011. High average income levels with an estimated average income above the Provincial average.

5. International Labour Force and Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Brampton’s population represents people from more than 200 distinct ethnic backgrounds who speak over 89 different languages. The top three non-official mother tongues (Punjabi, Portuguese and Urdu) accounted for more than 50 per cent of the allophone population in Brampton.

6. Excellent Supplier and Customer Base to Support your Business

  • Over 8,500 business establishments are located in Brampton. Major economic sectors include: advanced manufacturing, automotive and aerospace; retail administration and logistics; information and communication technology; food and beverage; life sciences and business services.
  • Over 80 per cent of businesses in Brampton are small and medium sized (less than 50 employees). A mixed industrial-commercial economy (72 per cent services-producing; 28 per cent goods-producing).

7. Largest Supply of Vacant Land Next to Toronto’s International Airport

  • Over 2700 acres of available employment land and land coming on-stream in the near future.
  • Of the cities and towns located within 40 kilometres of Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Brampton has the largest inventory of designated vacant residential and employment land for new construction.

8. Connectivity to Markets – A Sustainable & Efficient Infrastructure

  • Home to CN’s largest intermodal facility in Canada; extensive highways; located adjacent to Canada’s largest international airport.
  • Brampton Züm – An innovative bus rapid transit system connecting Brampton’s businesses and workforce to the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Utilities have capacity to meet future demands from business – water/wastewater, electricity, telecommunication infrastructure

9. Skills Development & Training Choices – Excellent Schools

  • Home to Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning – Davis Campus, a leading centre for emerging technologies, science and business
  • Home to Algoma University’s Brampton Campus.
  • 21 Colleges and Universities within a 1 hour drive time from Brampton.
  • Innovative elementary and secondary schools with specialized learning disciplines

10. A Financially Stable & Supportive Municipality

  • Brampton enjoys a Triple ‘A’ (AAA) credit rating by Standard & Poor
  • A debt-free city with exceptional liquidity levels and a successful mixed economy.
  • Predictable and stable cost environment
  • Mayor, Council and Staff eager to work with existing Brampton companies, and assist businesses interested in locating or starting a business in Brampton.

Courtesy of  Brampton.ca

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